Interactive Presentations

Attracting and keeping the attention on the meeting is the only factor in successful transfer of your message. We live in time where people are constantly “bombarded” by one-way messages and the only way to protect is to ignore them completely.

Turning the listeners into active participants, they will feel part of it, so you only have to focus on what they want to bring with them.

It is mobile and simple for use, composed with wireless voting keyboard with 15 buttons and LED display.

The base station is easy, small and transferable and can receive response from 250 devices, working in range of 150 meters and with a computer can be connected trough USB. It can be used on any location.

Preparations for the interactive presentations are not different from the preparations in Power-Point presentations so the system is completly integrated with Power-Point.

Productivity – Clients routinely report achieving a 20-40% productivity gain when compared to meetings where interactive technology is not used.

Focus – Interactivity helps groups to focus on the ideas and issues that are most important.

Learning – Interactivity has been proven to enhance learning in training and education meetings by 27% and attentiveness by 88%.

Alignment – Group response helps you quickly determine if everyone is aligned around key ideas or issues.

Honest Feedback – Keypads allow participants to respond anonymously, encouraging honesty and increasing participation.

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